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The International Journal of Innovation in Computational Science and Engineering (IJICSE) published an original research of interest to computer science and engineering for academic practices. IJICSE is the official journal of the publication of University of Technology and Applied Science (UTAS) contributed by IT Department. It is a peer-reviewed online journal with continuous print on demand compilation of issues published. The journal allows free access (open Access) to its contents and permits authors to self-archive final accepted version of the articles on the UTAS subject-based repository.

AIM and Objectives

International Journal of Innovation in Computational Science and Engineering (IJICSE) will accept the work related to Computer Science, Computer Networks, IoT, Big Data, Wireless Sensor Network, Software applications and development, Data Management and Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems, Computational Learning and Cognition, Engineering and Science fields but not limited to these filed.

IJICSE will welcome original, authentic and unpublished good quality work from the International scholars and researchers in the field of computation science and engineering fields.

IJICSE aims are

  • To publish high quality blind peer reviewed research work
  • To offer interesting and knowledgeable platform for researcher and readers
  • To provide quality interaction among researcher, readers and engineers
  • To promote and publish innovate work in computational science and engineering field

We are keen to promote co-operation between academics and professional in various fields of engineering and science. IJICSE publish the journal manuscripts once in a year.

Due to the advancement of Engineering and Information Technology (IT) fields, a lot of new innovations are happening in the recent era to help mankind and industries. Computational Science (CS) is a key multi and interdisciplinary area which connects many industries together and play important role to solve complex engineering and IT problems. Scientist and researcher used advance computational science, algorithms and data analysis knowledge to find appropriate solutions for the specific problems. Currently, most of fast growing industries such as manufacturing, engineering, computer science, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, biotechnology, cybersecurity, are using computation algorithms to solve the complex problems.

CS mainly focus on three different areas:

  • Designing and understanding System, Algorithm and data Modeling
  • Designing, developing and testing application
  • Developing and optimizing computer systems, protocols and networks

International Journal of Innovation in Computational Science and Engineering
Volume 1 Issue 1
May 2020

ISSN NO: 2708-3128

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