Abstract Submission

You can submit only an abstract (online via email) and present your abstract
on the date of symposium is 04 Oct 2022

Download Abstract Template here Download Abstract Presentation(PPT) Template here Download Copyright Form here

Abstract Presentation

kindly submit the abstract (300 words) of your research paper via email to technical.symposium@hct.edu.om

04 October 2022

You can submit your abstract through online (guidelines) on or before June 30, 2022. The abstract review committee will provide you the feedback via online. This will help you to start writing the full paper and the selected full papers will be published via IJICSE Journal. Paper presentation is mandatory for the consideration of your paper for further peer-reviews and publication thereafter.

Full Paper Submission

You can submit your full paper through Easy Chair Submission. Notification of Acceptance/ Rejection will be within 5 working days.

04 Oct , 2022

Refer the full paper submission guidelines.

The review of your submitted paper will be handled by the review committee of 4th SNSIR4.0.

All the submitted papers will be published as the Symposium Proceedings [online] in the month of Oct 2022 .

Paper Publication

The selected papers after complete modification and revision will be considered for publishing in the IJICSE Journal (Oct 2022 - Volume 3 Issue 3).

Oct 2022

Once you modify the paper as per the reviewer comments, your paper will be considered for the publication in the IJICSE Journal.

The relevance of your paper content, quality in writing and the quality of the result presented etc are the factors considering in IJICSE Journal .