Scope of the Symposium

The Symposium aims to organize a student symposium that focuses on IR4.0.

Specifically the event is motivated to:

  1. Update participants about the emerging technologies in the era of IR4.0 through the enhancement of their computing knowledge and skill;
  2. Stimulate the participants to think innovatively through research and development;
  3. Acquire necessary 21st century knowledge and skills such as Collaboration and Teamwork, Creativity and Imagination, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Flexibility and Adaptability, Global and Cultural Awareness, Information Literacy, Leadership, Communication Skills, Social Responsibility and Ethics, Technology Literacy, and Initiative; and
  4. Enable participants to appreciate the socio-economic benefits of IR4.0 towards the national strategic direction.

Importance of SNSIR4.0

  1. Academic collaboration among various scholars and institutions across Oman
  2. Introduce a conference environment to our students. Thus, students could be motivated, encouraged and cooperated as part of an inter-collegiate event.
  3. Encourage, involve and support students to be presenters, researchers and innovators
  4. Provide awareness about research methods and techniques
  5. Students will acquire self-learning skills and get the feedback and support from a research oriented academic community.
  6. Student conference is part of blended learning and research-based learning
  7. Student conference will invite articles from students and that will be peer reviewed by the experts from various scholars and institutions.

Participant’s Benefits

The Industry 4.0 calls a dynamic transformation of how emerging technology will change the student’s capability in research and innovation. It possesses the ability to develop their critical thinking that address to how, when and where to use the technology that will adequate the student’s skill in preparation for their future jobs.

Specifically, the following are the technical advantage of attending the symposium:

  1. Enhancement of student’s ability to become a critical thinker, innovator and problem solvers.
  2. Correlate in the use of their skills in diversified contexts to work with their classmates, teachers and outside world.
  3. Create synergies among multi-disciplinary perspective that connects to the real world.
  4. Able to meet and solve all aspects of the challenges engendered by IR 4.0 technology.

Other benefits to the registered participants are:

  1. Free Registration and Participation in all sessions
  2. Certificate of Appreciation/ Participation (e-Certificates)
  3. Publication of selected Papers through HCT's Journal (IJICSE)
  4. Publication of workshop abstracts through HCT media or Symposium official website
  5. Symposium Proceedings (online)